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Whole Black Walnuts

Heartland Nuts 'N More

These nuts are uncracked and whole, meaning that the fun of getting into them is left to you!

We sell them by the pound, so if you want 4 pounds, please add a quantity of 4 to your shopping cart.

For cracking, we recommend either the Hunt's Black Walnut Nut Cracker, or the Gardner Master Nut Cracker. For cultivar nuts, either will work well, but for cracking native, wild black walnuts, we recommend the Hunt's model.

NOTE: This is a seasonal item, and may not be in stock much of the year. If you are interested, and the nuts are not listed in stock on the website, please email us for availability. Thanks!


Our mission is to produce and harvest the best-tasting, premium-quality orchard-grown tree nuts, including black walnuts and Northern pecans. Even after 30 years of investing heavily in scientific research, grafting and experimentation , we continue our research to find even better ways to make our black walnuts the best-tasting you can buy.