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HEARTLAND NUTS ‘N MORE is a co-op owned by a diverse partnership of nut growers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. We produce, process and market only high-quality-cultivar, Midwest-grown black walnuts and pecans. Our offices are in Valparaiso, Nebraska.

Why Our Nuts Are NOT Your Grandma's Black Walnuts!

Ours Taste Better

HEARTLAND’S black walnuts are the result of expert scientific research, experimentation and grafting. Most producers let the nut fall off the tree and allow the shell to turn black before harvesting and shelling. This practice turns the nutmeat a darker color and often results in a bitter taste. HEARTLAND harvests the nuts at just the right time while still on the tree. Then we immediately hull, wash and dry them to retain that mild but rich natural walnut flavor.

Ours Produce Larger Nutmeats

At HEARTLAND NUTS ‘N MORE we use only the finest improved varieties of grafted nuts. These varieties and specialized handling procedures result in a delicious and larger nutmeat. The nuts are harvested at their peak and carefully processed to give you a mild flavored, superior black walnut. This results in a walnut that has 35% meat, and is sweeter and lighter tasting than traditionally grown walnuts.

Ours Are Good For You

Nuts are good for you, according to the USDA and FDA. Walnuts contain a high level of a variety of antioxidants, according to studies cited by the FDA, resulting in the agency’s approval to the walnut industry’s claim that there is scientific evidence that walnut consumption is good for a healthy heart, as well as other health issues.*

* Source: Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook/FTS-318-/Sept 28, 2005, Economic Research Service, USDA

Nuts Featured in Cookbook

Our black walnuts were featured in Summer Miller's new cookbook, "New Prairie Kitchen." Check it out!


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Our mission is to produce and harvest the best-tasting, premium-quality orchard-grown tree nuts, including black walnuts and Northern pecans. Even after 30 years of investing heavily in scientific research, grafting and experimentation , we continue our research to find even better ways to make our black walnuts the best-tasting you can buy.