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Advanced "Magic" Hand Cleaner

Heartland Nuts 'N More

This innovative, all-natural hand cleaner uses the power of black walnut shell grit to scrub away even the most stubborn grease, dirt and grime from hands! Endorsed by several local mechanics and farmers, this hand cleaner really gets the job done. Works better than the familiar orange goopy and volcano style hand cleaners!

Available in a convenient 400 mL (13.53 fl oz) bottle. Keep a bottle in the shop or garage, and another in the kitchen. 

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NOTE: This product is no longer available in the 120 fl oz bulk size, or the 18 fl oz size, as the manufacturer has changed to a 400 mL bottle ONLY. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Our mission is to produce and harvest the best-tasting, premium-quality orchard-grown tree nuts, including black walnuts and Northern pecans. Even after 30 years of investing heavily in scientific research, grafting and experimentation , we continue our research to find even better ways to make our black walnuts the best-tasting you can buy.