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BBQ Smoking Packets

Heartland Nuts 'N More

Pitmaster Select™ pellets are specially blended to enhance the natural flavor of meat. No artificial flavors or oils! 100% hardwood! These READY-TO-USE 5 oz foil pouches provide 30 to 40 minutes of great smoke flavor on conventional gas, charcoal and electric grills. Why settle for less, get the smoking pellet used by competition cookers.

To use, simply poke a hole with a toothpick in top of foil pouch and place on hot coals or heat shield and close lid. No soaking! No mess! When pellets begin to smoke, place meat on grill and cook to desired wellness.

We offer NORTHERN PECAN and HICKORY, sourced from local orchards!

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Our mission is to produce and harvest the best-tasting, premium-quality orchard-grown tree nuts, including black walnuts and Northern pecans. Even after 30 years of investing heavily in scientific research, grafting and experimentation , we continue our research to find even better ways to make our black walnuts the best-tasting you can buy.